Valuing Our

Our Strategy

We are influenced and supported by numerous external stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, vendors, communities, and shareholders. Their relationships have contributed to our sustainable growth and continued success.

“Our commitment to all aspects of sustainability is embedded in our founding principles — valuing our people, our partners, and our communities.”

Mark D. Millett

Chairman, President and CEO


We want to grow and innovate alongside our customers, providing differentiated high-quality products and supply chain solutions to meet their current and future needs. We have one of the most diversified steel product portfolios within the industry, with over 70% of our steel and fabrication sales within value-added products.

We thrive on the long-lasting partnerships we have established with our customers. At every step, our actions are meant to promote the highest degree of trust and transparency. No false promises — we do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

Suppliers & Vendors

We have many strong long-term relationships with our suppliers and vendors, ensuring quality service, supplies, and other deliverables to ensure efficient and effective operations. There is a high degree of collaboration to optimize the cost and efficiency within our businesses. We expect all our service providers to operate with the same level of safety practices as we demand from ourselves. They are expected to prioritize the safety of their own teams by providing safe and healthy working environments.

We also expect the same level of integrity and good judgment as we expect from ourselves. They are expected to abide by our Supplier Code of Business Conduct and to have and enforce their own comprehensive codes of business conduct that prohibit unethical or unlawful behavior in all aspects of their business.

Strong supplier relationships are key when building the next generation of steelmaking technology.

Sinton Texas Flat Roll Steel Mill Team and SMS Group


We strongly believe in making a positive social impact on our communities through supporting organizations in which our team members are involved and by empowering and encouraging volunteerism and leadership throughout our company.

We collaborate with our teams and communities to determine areas of need and to identify those organizations that most effectively provide current and long-term solutions to address those needs. Among other areas, this has included financial support for human services organizations, educational institutions, and community programs. We are proud of, grateful for, and humbled by our team’s generosity.


We value the support, interest, and feedback of our shareholders. Thus, we actively engage shareholders to build and sustain longer-term relationships. We engage with shareholders through our:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission filings
  • Quarterly earnings calls
  • Investor presentations
  • Annual meeting for shareholders
  • Press releases
  • Management roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Management meetings and calls