Intentionally Sustainable

Leadership Commitment
At Steel Dynamics, we take pride in our intentionally sustainable approach. Our commitment to all aspects of sustainability is embedded in our founding principles — valuing our teams, our partners, our communities, and our environment. Our steelmaking operations have exclusively used electric arc furnace technology (EAF) with recycled ferrous scrap as the primary input to limit our carbon emissions while simultaneously delivering quality products for our customers and driving returns for our shareholders. Additionally, our companywide performance-based incentive programs encourage our teams to create innovative solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce raw material usage, reuse secondary materials, and promote material conservation and recycling.
Our Path Forward
We are proud to announce that we are taking further action to reduce our environmental footprint through our 2025, 2030, and 2050 goals for greenhouse gas emissions. With our EAF steelmaking and circular manufacturing model, Steel Dynamics is already a leader in the industry, and with our new goals, we are raising the bar even further for sustainable steelmaking.

Valuing Our People

The importance we place on our culture, individual health and safety, respect, diversity and inclusion, and development opportunities drives our long-term success and stakeholder value creation.

Valuing Our Stakeholders

Next to our people, our partner relationships are critical to our innovation and success, including the interaction with our customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

Valuing Our Environment

We are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner and have been since our founding. We encourage the use of new technologies and processes to reduce our impact on the environment and the climate, including a strategic focus on carbon mitigation.

Sustainability Reporting

You can view our most recent reports and documents here.